SharePoint Saturday Stockholm 2014

After all of the dust has settled and I have caught my breath, I can say that the first SharePoint Saturday Stockholm was a success!

Speakers and organizers SPS Stockholm 2014

The final stats as tweeted by @SPSSthlm

210 registered
183 attendees
27 no-shows :(
78 on waiting list
20 speakers
3 organizers
10 volunteers
10 sponsors

Thank you, once again, to everyone to participated, spoke, helped out and generally made it an awesome event!

Thanks again to my co-coordinators, Matthias Einig and Erwin van Hunen.

You can still see the site  at  Note that many of the slides and videos of the sessions are available via the sessions page.


I’m already looking forward to next year!


Update: SharePoint Saturday Stockholm 2014

SPSStockholmAs one of the organizers for SharePoint Saturday Stockholm on 25 January 2014, I wanted to give you a quick update via my own personal blog.


The very first SharePoint Saturday Stockholm (SPSSthlm) will take place on Saturday 25 January 2014 at the World Trade Center in downtown Stockholm!

The entire event is sponsor-driven and is free to all attendees. SharePoint has a very rich community surrounding it; this is yet another example of that.

We will have space for approximately 180 attendees.


We have a beautiful, shiny new website, built by Matthias Einig:

Many thanks to the SharePoint Saturday Events site where we are still listed as well!


The event is being organized by three SharePoint specialists in the Stockholm area:


While we already have a number of wonderful speakers signed up, the call for speakers remains open until 30 November. If you’re interested in speaking, please submit your session information before the 30th. For more information, click here.


In order to spread the word we need your help, so please click this and tweet about it.
Please follow SPSSthlm on Twitter @spssthlm and use #spssthlm as hashtag.

Also, feel free to blog! My thanks go out to the following people who have already done so:

More information?

I realize the information provided until now is fairly sparse. However, from the beginning of December, things will start to pick up!

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed or the SharePoint Saturday site for more information!