URL to set page layouts/site templates

I recently encountered a SharePoint environment based on the publishing site template where the administrators had removed the option to set the allowed/default page layouts and site templates for a site. Normally, this is found under “Site Settings -> Look and Feel -> Page layouts and site templates”, but the option was gone.

It turns out that you can still access the page, even if the link isn’t there – you just need to know the URL:


If you want to set the page layouts and site templates in the normal way, via the UI, see Set the Preferred Page Layouts and Site Templates on the Microsoft Office site.

Comparing the wiki library and the wiki enterprise site template in SharePoint 2013

I had planned to write a blog post about the differences between the wiki library and the enterprise wiki site template. It turns out that Bernado Nguyen-Hoan over at Bernado Nguyen-Hoan’s Blog – Coding Stories from an IT Mercenary has beaten me to it!

Differences between Enterprise Wiki and Wiki Page Library in SharePoint 2013

Here’s a quick summary:

Wiki Library Enterprise Wiki
Description A library created under a site, next to the existing Pages or SitePages library A site collection template with a Pages library
Content type Locked Available
Page type Text layout Page layouts
Metadata While you can manually add metadata to Wiki Page Library, you can’t add the fields to the text layouts. This means users would have to edit the content of the page, then separately edit the properties of the page to enter metadata, which is not good for encouraging metadata entry. You can enable rating for the Wiki Page Library, but again, the only way for users to rate a page is to go to the View All Pages view of the library. With Enterprise Wiki you get Categories and Rating OOTB. These are placed on the OOTB page layouts,
Misc Shows “updated pages” on left navigation Reusable content, add a page from site actions menu

Both types of wikis are useful – it’s just a question of deciding which one to use in which situation.