SharePoint Saturday Oslo: Recap @spsoslo

Whew! SharePoint Saturday Oslo 2014 was a blast! Thank you again to the organisers for a wonderful job!

It was my first time speaking at a SharePoint Saturday. I’ve done plenty of speaking internally at companies, clients, etc., but this felt very different. I learned a ton (count on the internet going down and you will never be surprised) and met lots of fascinating people.

I spoke about The Power of the Term Store (download). There are no slides on the demo part.

My favorite session by far was Rock Your Search with 13 Easy Tricks by Mikael Svenson. If you get a chance to see this, definitely attend!

I also thought of a number of things that may be applied to SharePoint Saturday Stockholm, such as considerations on speaker/organiser t-shirts for women.  The photo below is not my most flattering – but hey, still fun!


2 responses

  1. Hi, I did consider different shirts actually, but went for the cheapest option. But something to consider for sure :) And glad you liked my session. It’s fun to present as well!

    • About the t-shirts – it wasn’t criticism towards SPS Oslo but more a mental note to remember to look into it for myself for the future. I hadn’t realized what a difference it makes. :)

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