URL to set page layouts/site templates

I recently encountered a SharePoint environment based on the publishing site template where the administrators had removed the option to set the allowed/default page layouts and site templates for a site. Normally, this is found under “Site Settings -> Look and Feel -> Page layouts and site templates”, but the option was gone.

It turns out that you can still access the page, even if the link isn’t there – you just need to know the URL:


If you want to set the page layouts and site templates in the normal way, via the UI, see Set the Preferred Page Layouts and Site Templates on the Microsoft Office site.

One response

  1. Hi Hannah,

    Can you please post about deploy team site from existing team site to new site using solution file(.wsp) in sharepoint office 365.

    For example :

    I have one team site which is contain publishing pages, master page, meta data for top navigation(Term sets), list and libraries.
    Two Departments:
    1. Marketing
    2. HR

    Master Page contains header and Footer. Header contains two department using Taxonomy (i.e. Meta data) to navigation the publishing pages.

    Home Page contains Slide show images, news and events, document library, calendar.
    Marketing department page contains abouts Marketing information and list web part.
    Human Resource department page contains abouts Human resource information and list web part.

    I want to deploy from existing site template to new site.

    I am new to sharepoint past 1 month am working on.

    Please help me out!…